Marci’s Monday Update

What a crazy week I had last week!

After years of not breathing/sleeping and having horrible headaches, I finally went to the ENT right before Thanksgiving. Two things: Allergies and a deviated septum.

I opted for a nasal spray for the allergies over needle prick testing and shots and I decided to not have the “recommended surgery.” Well, a few more months gone by and even worse breathing problems, I gave in. I’m having surgery on the 13th, a septoplasty something…turbanite…something.  They explained all the technical stuff to me, but all I heard was surgery, sutures, and I’ll feel like I have a terrible sinus infection for a week afterwards.

Since the 13th falls on a Wednesday, I’ve moved our guest that week, author Carol Preflatish, to Monday the 11th.

I was also offered a great internship opportunity with Frayed Passport, a startup company that is helping travel writers get organized, learn how to be better writers, and about a hundred other travel writer oriented things. I’m super excited to be joining their team! They have big plans and it’s an honor to be able to join them in building their business.

I have to work out all the details but I know this is going to be an exciting and challenging internship.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

See you next time,


About marciboudreaux

Marci Boudreaux lives with her husband, two daughters, and their numerous pets. She is a freelance writer appearing monthly in a variety of local magazines as well as a content editor for several small publishing houses. Romance is her preferred reading and writing genre because nothing feels better than falling in love with someone new and her husband doesn't like when she does that in real life. Marci is currently working on her Masters in Publishing because she still has time to sleep.
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2 Responses to Marci’s Monday Update

  1. Lizzie says:

    Here’s to breathing better after the surgery! Congratulations on the intership!!!!

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