Guest: Carolyn Wren

Swinging by the blog today is a very special guest who has such an amazing series of books, The Protectors,  Ms. Carolyn Wren.
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I met Carolyn through my latest publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing. Carolyn has an amazing series and will visiting with us several times through the year to share a bit about each book! I’m so excited to share this first post and get to know more about Carolyn and her The Protectors series.
Tell us a little about yourself, Carolyn.
I  started writing in 2009.  The Protectors were the very first stories ever  to come from my newly discovered writers brain.  In  2012 I won the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award for best unpublished  Romance manuscript Category Section. Also  I was a finalist in the Daphne Du Maurier Awards for Excellence in  Mystery/Suspense 2012.
The  Protectors is contracted to Secret Cravings Publishing.  Sitting on my  desktop are other completed books.  A stand alone urban fantasy  and an epic paranormal trilogy.  There are also various works in progress.  A  Regency Romance, and two other paranormal, one featuring witches, the other  ghosts. I  was born in England but live in Western Australia.
Tell us more about The Protectors.
The  Protectors is a seven part Romantic Suspense series about a group of covert  operatives. Each book focuses on one character but others come and go throughout the stories, following their lives and their adventures, and of course their loves lives. We  meet the enigmatic and quiet Jared Knight, the outrageous and danger seeking  Simon Winters, the secretive and deadly female agent known only as Omega, and  many more.
I  loved writing the series, I hope readers enjoy it too.
Now available!

A covert operative. A life filled with  secrets.

Jared Knight works with an elite group of agents trained to  track down the worst criminals humanity has to offer. His career leaves no room  for relationships.

On a dangerous assignment in Monaco he is captivated by a  woman in a crowded ballroom. Disturbed by the uncharacteristic lapse, he is  determined to forget her…

Five years later Jared offers Cecilia Benedict his  protection when she becomes the object of an overzealous secret admirer.  Unbeknown to Cecilia she is the woman who has haunted Jared’s thoughts. He can  stay away no longer now her life is in danger.

Cecilia is intrigued by Jared’s serious manner and deep grey  eyes. In the close confines they share she finds herself emotionally and  physically drawn to him. An attraction grows…

But danger lurks in the shadows, threatening to destroy their  relationship before it can even begin.


They  drove to an exclusive boutique in the city. “Do you often take on this sort of  assignment, Mr. Knight? Personal protection, I mean?”


Cecilia  clearly waited for an expansion of his answer. He did not give her  one.

“So  I am the exception to the rule?”


“Can  I ask what you normally do, or is it too secret to discuss?”

“It  is.”

He  saw Cecilia glance down at her hands from the corner of his eye. She was  babbling again and seemed unable to stop. Something about him unraveled her calm  serenity. Jared quite liked that.

“Do  you need me to give you directions to the shop?”

“No,  thank you.”

“I  suppose a good sense of direction is essential in your work?”


“Tell  me, are you always this chatty?”

A  beat of silence before Jared felt his lips tilt in a hint of a smile. He turned  his head to look at her. “I would rather hear your lovely voice than my own,  Miss Benedict.”


Available 4th  February 2013

A charismatic covert operative known for his love of  danger…

Simon Winters has a reputation for undertaking adrenalin filled  assignments.  But even thrill  seekers need some down time. After an arduous desert mission he asks for a more  enjoyable assignment.  Preferably  involving a beautiful woman in peril and a fast car.

Dr Elizabeth Barrett’s life is quiet and orderly until someone tries  to burn down her research laboratory with her inside.  Now she has to contend with a handsome  flirtatious agent living in her home. With his designer clothing and cheeky  attitude, he has an annoying habit of putting her in more perilous situations  than he keeps her out of.

Simon is captivated and intrigued by his beautiful scientist with her  red hair and hidden fiery temper. But the danger escalates and what begins as a  straightforward mission turns deadly when it seems someone wants Beth and her  research dead.


“Simon,  this is insane,” Beth whispered to him, her breath visible in the chilly night  air.

“No,  it isn’t. It’s perfectly logical.”

“But  it’s a crime scene. Let’s just think about those words, shall we? A crime scene.”

“It’s  your laboratory, Red. You’re allowed to enter it.”

She  looked dubious. “I don’t have my pass key to open the security gates, Simon. I  left it behind during the fire.”

Simon  exited the car and climbed up and over the high metal fence as though it were a  ladder, landing sure-footed on the other side. He walked into the gate booth and  flicked a switch to open the gates. Then he walked through the opening and got  back in the car, gesturing for her to do the same.

Beth  gaped at him in disbelief. “You are impossible.”

“Thanks,  I get that a lot.”

They  parked in the shadows. Simon grasped Beth’s hand and switched on the flashlight,  entering the smoke-damaged building. “What exactly are we looking for?” she  asked in a whisper, even though the place seemed deserted.

“Why  are you whispering?”

“Because  it’s a crime scene.”

“Honey,  you watch too many TV shows.”

Please check out the links below to find out more about Carolyn and  The  Protectors Book 1 Diplomat’s Daughter or The  Protectors Book 2 – The Scientist.


Purchase  links for Diplomat’s Daughter

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Marci Boudreaux lives with her husband, two daughters, and their numerous pets. She is a freelance writer appearing monthly in a variety of local magazines as well as a content editor for several small publishing houses. Romance is her preferred reading and writing genre because nothing feels better than falling in love with someone new and her husband doesn't like when she does that in real life. Marci is currently working on her Masters in Publishing because she still has time to sleep.
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5 Responses to Guest: Carolyn Wren

  1. Thanks so much for stopping in, Carolyn. I don’t need to add anything else to my TBR list, but I’m going to. This entire series sounds fantastic!

  2. I enjoyed reading this interview, Carolyn. I’m a fellow SCP author. Your series sounds great and exciting.

  3. Vonnie says:

    Holy mackerel Carolyn. All those books! In spite of the stress, I think it’s a great idea. One thing – we will NOT forget you. You write what I read and I think a series is addictive.

  4. ssaradaniel says:

    What a cool series! Congratulations Carolyn!

  5. Carolyn, you know how amazing and crazy I think you are. 😉 You take care, lovey!

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