Character Interview: Daphne from Apollo Rising (Nancy DiMauro)

I love doing character interviews. I think they are so fun!  Today I’m going to share with you a character interveiw done by my friend Sloane Taylor with Daphne from Nancy DiMauro’s Apollo Rising.

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Today we’re talking to Daphne about Apollo Rising. Thank you for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Nancy choose you to represent her?

We had a bonding moment. She was driving to work in the sleet back in January and was thinking that it must suck to be a tree. Well, I’d been a tree for . . . far too long. I asked Apollo to have a Muse whisper in her ear. The rest you can say is mythology.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a water and forest nymph. My parents were the Earth Mother and the river god, Peneas. I was an only child.

What do you wish people would know about you?

Even though nymphs have a reputation we’re not all like that. blushes Or at least I wasn’t. I’d decided to follow in Artemis’s footsteps and never take a husband. Much to my father’s chagrin, I dedicated myself to hunting. You would have thought he’d have been happy when I fell in love… looks away, but I guess you know that story.

Will we be seeing more of you or are you stepping out of the lime light?

I suspect you’ll see me again.

Do you feel you were portrayed fairly?

Mostly. I was pretty active before Cupid shot me with a golden arrow. I don’t think I turned into such a love-sick fool afterwards. But then, maybe I did.

Tell us about Apollo what drew you to him?

Tell you the truth, I hated him at first. My friend, Clytie, had died because of him, and he never noticed her. I always feel a bit guilty that I fell in love with him in spite of what happened to her, and that he loved me back. I mean, why me and not her?

But that’s not what you asked. For all his pretty looks, there’s a wild heart beating in that broad chest of his. Just being around him warms me to my core. There’s the music. I could listen to him play, have listened to him play, for hours. And the rest blushes, well that’s private.

What’s your favorite sports team?

The Spartans. Not only were they fearsome on the battle field, you should have seen them wrestle.

What about the woman on the cover is that a fair representation of you?

She’s beautiful, but she’s not a laurel tree. Although I think Kelly Shorten did a fabulous job of portraying my spirit and the fact that, even while cursed, Apollo and I were linked. Trees need the sun to grow after all.

What are your biggest turn off?

Being trapped in a tree for millennia. Do you know how tired your arms get when you have to hold them upright for that long?

What’s your perfect day and why?

Any day there’s a solar eclipse because I get to spent time with Apollo without his attention being fractured over thousands of aspects.

What your favorite Ice cream flavor, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?

Chocolate. Definitely chocolate.

Why should the readers be interested in your story?

It’s really Apollo’s story more than mine. It’s a love story. Don’t you just adore love stories?

I’m going to steal what Apollo said in his interview since he did such a good job answering this question.

Like most of the Greek myths, Apollo Rising is about so much more than whether he can break the curse and restore me to my true form. It’s a story about accepting responsibility for our mistakes, and what we’re willing to sacrifice for love. Would you make a deal with Hades, the devil himself, if it was the only way to free your love even at the cost of everything else? That’s the choice Apollo has to make. I won’t tell you anything more about it so I don’t wreck the story.

Thanks for joining us. I look forward to reading about your story.

You are very welcome. Here’s a little from Apollo Rising.

A soft glow beckoned from around a corner. While Hades pretended to be a traditionalist, he indulged in modern conveniences every chance he could. Ultra-violet panels, the ones mortals used to simulate sunlight, glowed from inside the walls. They brought day into the vaulted cavern. Hades had encrusted the ceiling with aquamarines since Apollo’s last visit. The light played off them simulating a summer sky. Another token of Hades’s love. Stalactites wider than a city bus hung from the ceiling. Others met stalagmites to form fluted columns reminiscent of the Pantheon. Stone draperies served as curtains, which separated Persphone’s chamber, and Hades’s media room from the main audience hall.

Reaching the center of the room, Apollo dropped to one knee.

“Lord Hades, I come to you as a supplicant.”

Hades could have passed for one of the stalagmites with his sharp and jagged features. His skin held a bluish cast from lack of sunlight. Obsidian color hair hung loose to his shoulders. Flint hard eyes glared at Apollo.

Persephone, on the other hand, reminded Apollo of a spring breeze. Sunshine colored hair swept away from olive skin, slightly pales in her time in the Underworld. Her bright ginger-colored tunic broke the unrelieved grays and blacks of the great hall.

“What brings you here?” Hades’s voice reverberated through the chamber.

Apollo raised an eyebrow. “I seek information, and possibly a trade.”


The few times Apollo had needed something from Hades, he’d been treated as an honored guest. But not this time.

Enraged to the point of incivility by Persephone’s upcoming desertion, Hades was likely to vent his temper on any target. Sadly, Apollo provided him with one that could give him a decent fight. Daphne’s soul might cost more than Apollo could pay.

“What do you wish of me?” Hades asked.

“I wish to barter for Daphne’s soul.”

“I never said I had her.”

They’d never been friends, but then, they hadn’t been enemies either. There really wasn’t any reason for Hades to oppose Apollo’s attempt to rescue Daphne.

“Does that mean you are going to give her to me?” Apollo asked.

“Give? Give? Now why would I do that?” Hades’s laugh grated in Apollo’s ears.

“What do you want, Hades?”

His gaze went hard. “A boon.”

“What kind?”

“Unlimited. To be provided when I demand.”

Apollo choked. If he agreed Hades could demand anything from him. Even the sun. The God of the Underworld had never been happy with his lot. Hades had helped his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, wrestle the cosmos from Cronus. The brothers then drew lots for their domains. Zeus chose the sky, which is why Apollo as his son, was the Sun God. Poseidon chose the sea. But the brothers tricked Hades into becoming Death. In choosing the underworld, Hades lost the ability to walk comfortably in the sunlight. But if he took the sun from Apollo, Hades could remain above ground with Persphone.

Could Phoebus Apollo lose the sun?

Who would he be without it?



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12 Responses to Character Interview: Daphne from Apollo Rising (Nancy DiMauro)

  1. Rosanna Leo says:

    I love this interview, ladies! I too am a big fan of Apollo and mythology so this really appeals to me. Good luck with the book and best wishes!

  2. sharonledwith says:

    Fun character interview, Nancy! Even though an author should know her/his character inside out, sometimes they say something that shocks the hell out of us! Cheers and here’s hoping that the gods and goddesses smile down upon your publishing career!

  3. I love hearing the genesis for other author’s writing ideas! Tweeted and shared!

  4. sloanetaylor1 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Apollo Rising, Nancy, and hope to see more of your work very soon.

  5. Sara Daniel says:

    Love this interview, Nancy!

  6. Parker Kincade says:

    Great interview! Definitely adding this to my TBR list!

  7. LOL – love the ‘do you know how tired your arms get’. I’m sure they would!

  8. Thanks everyone. I really loved working on this story. Daphne knows what she wants, and she was a joy to work with.

  9. Holley Trent says:

    Ooh! That’s so timely since I feel like I just “talked” to Apollo last week. Nice to see another perspective.

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